obqo 1 Pack Kids Bike Bell and 2 Pack Kids Bike Streamers for Children’s Bike Accessories (Pink, Red, Purple & Blue)

√ 1 Pack kids bicycle bells Purple & White sun flower bells with 1 pair (2PCS) children’s bicycle streamer. A simple and interesting way for kids to dress up their bikes.
√ The Kids bike bells put out a loud and clear bike ringtone to be heard clearly and make the riding much safer. It is Suitable for 22mm / 0.866in diameter of children’s bike handle bar. 1 MINUTE for installation. Just use a screwdriver to tight the screw tighten the screw on the handle bar.
√ The Rainbow bicycle streamers will wave with the bike or scooter when your girl riding. It is like a smart elf. Make your kids more attractive when riding. Very easy to install, just plug the streamers into the handlebars bikes, scooters or tricycles. Can fit all kind of models