LOCAL LION Cycling Backpack Biking Backpack Running Rucksack Outdoor Sports Daypack for Hiking Camping Men Women 18L


LOCAL LION 18L This backpack is the ideal choice for people who practice cycling, jogging or climbing. The bag is lightweight, made of high quality nylon, waterproof, tear-resistant, wear-resistant and practical
The adjustable straps and waistband make it perfect for every person. The breathable back and waistband are filled with mesh for efficient heat dissipation and comfort. The belt is used to relieve stress and ensure a stable and safe ride. The high quality SBS zippers are easy to open and close for long life.
Structure: 1 main compartment, large capacity, there is another compartment inside, is the place for the bag of water.1 bag outside right.A small zipped pocket in the game. A zipped pocket at the bottom is used to place the helmet cover. There are 2 mesh bags on both sides. There are two large holes in the top of the strap to attach the water pipe and to connect the water bag. There is also a mesh bag in the back.