BBAIYULE 2L Hydration Backpack with Hydration Bladder Bicycle Bag for Outdoor Running Cycling Biking Hiking Climbing…


Improvement of drinking backpack: The bicycle backpack with hydration bladder,two belts are designed to solve the problem that chest straps will make the neck uncomfortable when riding. At the shoulder strap,a clip is designed to fix the position of the drinking water pipe so that it will not swing randomly during exercise.
Light and small drinking backpack bicycle:There are 2 mesh pouch on bag’s both side, you can place small things at will. It has three zippers. It has 4 pocket compartments and enough pockets to meet your outdoor sports needs. It can store mobile phones, keys, thin raincoats, moisturizing bags and other outdoor activities.
2L Hydration Bladder Bags: Drinking bladder 2l through pneumatic pressure test, 24-hour swing test and 24-hour vibration test. Made of EVA material, BPA free, fully pressure and leak proof for sport outdoor.A reversing valve and a cap no need to worry about leakage. Hands-free drinking tube with suction cup mouthpiece, gently bite to let the liquid flow. With a wide screw cap, you can add ice cubes to keep your drink more colder.