Fabian Roo Stunning 70cm 4 Panel Modern Canvas Wall Art Home Décor – Includes Countries, Cities, Landscapes, Animals…


FAVOURITE CITY OR COUNTRY?: No matter which city or country is your ideal destination, we have a set of canvas prints that’ll quench your travel thirst. Locations include Miami, Thailand, London and Rome, as well as many other amazing places.
FOUR DIFFERENT IMAGES: Each set of canvas contains four different images of the chosen location, one on each of the four individual canvas. Iconic landmarks and places are featured on each of the canvas, each related to the chosen location. E.g. our New York canvas set features images of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.
QUALITY MADE: Each one of our prints is made from matte bright white poly cotton blend canvas, allowing them to be stretched over our specifically designed frames without cracking or distorting the image or canvas material. To ensure each image has the depth and density needed, we use Epson Ultra-chrome printers and ink.

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